We Great Place

WE (Wentworth & Elsecar) Great Place was a four-year partnership between Barnsley Council, Rotherham Council and the Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust.

The project delivered a range of exciting activities inspired by the awe-inspiring Wentworth Woodhouse and the Earl Fitzwilliam’s incredible model industrial village at Elsecar. It was funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Arts Council England (ACE). 

For more information about these and all of our major projects visit Barnsley Museums Major Projects

WE Great Place project ends in Spring 2021 but leaves behind, a much stronger, more resilient culture, heritage and arts partnership across Barnsley and Rotherham that has Wentworth Woodhouse and Elsecar at its heart - inspired by the graft, creativity and innovation that has gone before while curating a contemporary and inclusive path forward.  Being part of the Great Place programme has given WE space and resource to experiment, try fresh approaches and most important of all, learn. Over the last four years WE brought world-class artists and performers to Barnsley and Rotherham to help tell the stories of our shared heritage, got under the skin of South Yorkshire’s past and celebrated what’s great about Barnsley and Rotherham.  From show-stopping festivals for audiences of thousands to life-changing experiences for individuals, WE has been and will continue to put our wonderous heritage at the heart of communities and of making change happen. WE see a bold and exciting future. A future where culture, arts and heritage join forces to make positive change happen for the people of Rotherham and Barnsley. WE are ready to start the next chapter in our history with wonder, creativity and community prosperity at the heart.