Heritage Action Zone

Elsecar Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) is a new three year partnership project between Barnsley Museums and Historic England.

One of only a select few places across the country to gain this special status, the Heritage Action Zone recognises that Elsecar has a rich heritage and an incredible story to tell.

Developed by the Earls Fitzwilliam from the late 1700s, Elsecar became a bustling industrial village with ironworks, foundries and thriving collieries, often visited by aristocrats and Royalty. Many important historic sites and buildings still survive in the village, but many more are hidden and – in some cases - all but forgotten.

Over the next three years the HAZ will be working with the local community to research, uncover and celebrate the incredible, but often hidden, history and archaeology of the village. The project will also help to realise the village’s potential as part of the region’s growing visitor and tourism economy through enabling the conservation and re-use of historic buildings and guiding plans for future development.

There will be lots of opportunities for local people to get involved with the Heritage Action Zone, including guided walks and talks, sharing memories and stories and helping out with archaeological surveys and other activities.

Did you or your family work at Elsecar Main or the NCB Workshops in Elsecar?

We are creating a roll of honour for all of the people who worked at Elsecar Main Colliery and the Elsecar NCB workshops. If you or your family worked there make sure we include you. We would also love to hear any memories that you have about the colliery or the workshops. We will be holding a series of ‘Making History’ events for people to share stories and photographs over the coming year. Please let us know if you would like more information about these.

Geophysical Surveys

We will be carrying out some geophysical surveys around the village in mid-late February. If you are interested in finding out more you are welcome to come down and watch, or have a chat to us about what we’re doing. More details will be posted soon.

Heritage Action Zones

Heritage Action Zones are an exciting new nationwide project by Historic England, working with local partners, to breathe life back into areas that are rich in uncelebrated heritage.  For more information please visit the Historic England website HERE

For more information please contact Tegwen Roberts (HAZ project officer) on 01226 740203 or by e-mail on tegwenroberts@barnsley.gov.uk

You can also follow the project on twitter - @ElsecarHAZ